What is the best way to clean Uggs

What is the best way to clean your precious Uggs? Can you wash them in the washing machine or do you have to give them some sort of special treatment? Note that the advice given in this article focuses on real Uggs made of sheepskin. They will not work on Uggs made from different material.

How to clean your Uggs

First we look at the best way to clean your Uggs.

1. Normal dirt (sand, dust, salt and brine)
If you have regular dirt on your Uggs, use a soft brush to brush off the sand, dust or other kind of dirt carefully. Do not use a hard brush, because you might damage your Uggs permanently.

2. Stains
Do you have stains on your Uggs? Not to worry, most stains are relatively easy to remove by rubbing a wet sponge over the stain. Do not put to much pressure on it, but use the sponge gently. Rubbing will damage your Uggs. If you are using a scouring pad, then make sure to use the soft side.

3. Persistent stains
Are the stains not coming off? Then it is time to start using detergent. Uggs are made of sheepskin. Therefore the Uggs manufacturer recommends to use a special Sheepskin Cleaner & Conditioner. Uggs sells this conditioner for up and about $ 10 USD. If you do not have the special Sheepskin Cleaner, the alternative would be baby shampoo or baby soap. The same instructions apply here. Use a soft brush to apply the soap gently. Afterwars, rinse the Uggs with cold water and leave them at a dry place to dry. Do not place them near a heat source, like a heater and do not use a hair-drier. Just leave them be for a while. To speed up the process, you can put some old newspapers in your Uggs. They will absorb the water.

4. After care
It is recommended to treat the Uggs with water-repellent spray. By using that spray, you protect your Uggs from damage by rain.

Uggs in the washing machine

Every now and then we hear stories from people that put their Uggs in the washing machine. These stories are not always successful. Sometimes the Uggs came out perfectly clean and intact, but other times, they came out complete ruined. Let’s be honest, washing Uggs in the washing machine does not sound like a good plan. Uggs are quite expensive, so our advice would be not to take the risk of damaging them. If you are willing to gamble a bit, we recommend to follow the steps below to reduce the risk of damaging your Uggs:

1. Washing machine settings
Make sure to use the ‘cold’ program on your washing machine without centrifuge at the end. That last part is really important. The centrifuge part of the washing program is usually the part where your Uggs damage, due to the high rotation speed.

2. Washing your Uggs
To be extra careful, you can also put the Uggs in a pillow case. This provides some extra protection. Turn on the washing machine and pray 🙂

3. Dry
After washing, hang your Uggs out to dry upside down on a dry spot. Do not place them nearby a heat source like a heater and do not use a hair-drier.

4. After care
Wait until your Uggs are completely dry. Then spray them with water-repellent spray. With a little bit of luck, your Uggs are not damaged and look completely new.

We do want to repeat, Uggs do not belong in the washing machine. Washing your Uggs in the washing machine is fully at your own risk.

We wish you the best of luck!

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