How to descale a washing machine?

If you live in an area with hard water, you have a higher risk of calcium damaging your washing machine. You can find an indication of the hardness of the water in your are on this website: In an area where water hardness is high, it is important to regulary descale your washing machine. In this article, we explain how to descale a washing machine.

How to descale my washing machine?

The best course of action is to prevent calcium from damaging your washing machine. Calcium usually builds up around the element that heats up the water. The more calcium builds up, the more effort it takes your washing machine to heat up the water. This costs extra energy but it also can cause the heating element to break. That will cost you a new washing machine.

There are several products on the market that prevent calcium damage. These products decrease the hardness of the water and therefore limit the damaging effects of hard water. You can buy these products in liquid, powder or tablet form. You add these to every wash cycle. Easy! Calgon Water Softener is one of these products. This is quite an expensive solution though, because water softeners are not cheap, especially if you have to use them every time you do the laundry.

Another solution is to do an empty cycle once a month on the highest temperature setting possible. Add a bit of cleaning vinegar to the machine and it will remove a lot of the calcium. Another advantage is that it also kills bacteria at the same time. This solution is not as effective, but it is a lot cheaper than using water softeners.

We hope this helps!

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