How to do a hand wash

Some clothes need to be washed by hand. But how can you do a hand wash? In this article we explain you how.

The symbol underneath shows that the piece of clothing needs to be washed by hand:
Was tips

Step 1
Take a clean bucket and fill this up with tepid water. Mix the water with laundry detergent according to the instructions on the bottle or box.

Step 2
Soak the piece of clothing in the water repeatedly. Make sure to keep the water moving and do not leave your clothes in the water untouched for too long. Be gentle with rubbing, since this might ruin your clothes.

Step 3
Flush the washing detergent out of your clothes with fresh tepid water. Make sure to get rid of all the soap. Once again, do not rub to hard since this might damage your clothes

Step 4
Hang your clothes out to dry. If the piece of clothing feels very heavy, it might be better to let it dry on a towel on a table or something similar so that it does not stretch.

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