How to quickly fold a T-shirt

Ever wondered how the sales people in clothing stores fold your clothes so quickly? There is an easy method to do so and in this video we will explain how to quickly fold a T-shirt.

Video on how to quickly fold a T-shirt

Steps to fold a T-shirt

1. Place the T-shirt in front of you and spread it out over the table. Make sure that the front of the T-shirt is on top. Place the neck of the T-shirt on your left side and the bottom on your right side.

2. Check the image below. With your right hand, you grab the T-shirt between your thumb and index finger at the position of the red X in the image.

3. Then grab the shoulder of the T-shirt with your left hand at the same hight as your right hand. This spot is marked with the yellow X on the image.

4. Then use your left hand to pull the T-shirt over your right hand to the bottom of the T-shirt. Make sure to make a straight line. Check the arrow in the image on how it is done. If you did it right, then your left and right arm are now crossed.

How to fold a T-shirt

5. Then lift up the T-shirt so that it hangs right in front of you. Your arms are still crossed, so the next step is to pull them straight again while holding the T-shirt. The T-shirt will now look a bit messed up. Shake the T-shirt a little to get it back in shape.<./p>

6. As you can see, you have the first fold now. But the bottom is still a bit messy. The last step therefore is to place 25% of the T-shirt upside down on the table without letting go. Then lay the rest of the T-shirt on top of it.

7. All done! If all is well, you have a nicely square fold T-shirt in front of you.

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