How to remove blood stains out of clothes

A scrape on your knee or a small cut in your finger, before you know it you will have a blood stain on your clothes. Luckily these stains are not that complicated to remove, as long as you treat the stain quickly.

Relatively new blood stains are easily removed by soaking the stained clothes in cold water. Usually this is enough and the blood stain will be gone. It gets a little harder when you want to remove older blood stains. Mix some salt with water and leave your stained clothes in that mixture for a couple of hours. To completely remove the stain, wash your clothes in the washing machine.

There are a couple of alternatives for removing blood stains. What you can do is mix some aspirin with cold water and soak your clothes in that mixture for a couple of hours. Another alternative is to place salt on top of the stain. The salt will absorb the blood. Washing it in your washing machine should remove all that remains.

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