How to remove candle wax from your clothes

Is it not nice and cosy to light a few candles on your table. The stains that you can get from candle wax are less cosy. In this article you can read how to remove candle wax stains.

There are several ways to remove candle wax stains.

Most used methods:

  • If the candle wax is still liquid, best thing to do is let it cool down so that it becomes hard.
  • Next thing to do is remove as much candle wax with your fingernail or with a knife. Make sure not to damage your clothes while doing this.
  • Then grab a paper towel or any other sort of paper that is absorbing (toiletpaper, etc.). Put a piece of absorbing paper on top of the stain and one on the other side beneath the stain.
  • Grab a heated iron and then gently iron the top piece of paper. The candle wax will melt as a cause of the heat and it will be absorbed by the paper towel immidiately.
  • Next thing to do is rinse your clothes with water. Sometimes there will still be a little stain left. You can treat that with white-spirit.

Alternative methods:
There are some alternative methods as to how to remove a candle wax stain.

  1. Put the piece of clothing with the stain in your freezer untill the candle wax is frozen completely. Afterwards it should be pretty easy to just scrape it off. Rinse it with cold water and you should be set.
  2. The final method is to use white-spirit and dab it on the stain with a clean towel. This method is less effective then the previous mentioned methods.

Good luck!

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