How to remove chewing gum from your clothes

Chewing gum stains can be easily removed from your clothes. In this article we explain to you how you can remove them quickly.

The best way to remove a chewing gum stain is to put the piece of clothing with the stain in a freezer. If the chewing gum is still moist, it will be undoable to remove it. After it is frozen, it will be much easier te remove. You can just grab the gum and pull most of it off. You can freeze the chewing gum in a freezer or you can use a special spraying can that makes the gum freezer instantly.

Once the chewing gum is frozen, you can scrape it off with a knife or your nail. Be gentle though, because you do not want to damage your clothes. There is no need to put pressure on it, it should come off rather easily.

Alternative methods:

Another way to get the job done is to use white-spirit. Apply white-spirit to the stain with a q-tip or something similar to that. The white-spirit will slowly affect the chewing gum, which can be easily removed after a little while. Make sure not to use white-spirit on delicate fabrics.

Good luck!

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