How to remove mud stains from clothes

When the weather is bad, it is not uncommon to get mud stains on your clothes. Luckily mud stains are rather easy to remove. In this article we answer the question: how to remove mud stains from clothes?

Remove mud stains from clothes with water

Mud stains are easy to remove from clothes. The only thing that you need is water. Do NOT put clothes with mud stains in the washing machine. The mud will block the filter of your washing machine. Once blocked, the water in your washing machine can not be drained. This will cause your washing machine to flood and break. Therefore it is important to treat the mud stains first before throwing your clothes in the washing machine.

Step 1: Brush
The first step is to brush as much mud off of your clothes. Make sure not to rub too hard. The goal here is to remove the first layer of mud. This layer is easy to remove by rubbing it gently.

Step 2: A bucket with warm water
The second step to remove mud stains from clothes is to let your clothes soak in a bucket with warm water. The water will make the mud moist and this will cause most of the mud to come off. If it does not, then try to rub the mud stain with a sponge after an hour or so. You can also try using your hands to rub some mud off.

Step 3: Washing machine
If all goes wel, most of the mud has been removed from your clothes. Now it is time to wash your stained clothes in the washing machine. If there is still a lot of mud left, then wash the clothes separately from your other laundry.

These steps should remove mud stains from clothes. Sounds easy does it not? Good luck and we hope that our tips have been useful.

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