How to remove red wine stains from clothes

There is nothing better than a good steak with a nice glass of red wine. On the other hand there is nothing worse than a red wine stain on your clothes. In this article you can read how to remove red wine stains from clothes.

Red win stains are probably one of the most obvious stains that you can get on your clothes. Make sure that you take action right away. The first thing to do is to absorb as much wine as possible with a paper towel or any other absorbing paper or tissue. Do not rub the stain though, since this will rub the stain deeper into your clothes. It is all about absorbing, so just dab the stain a little. The next thing to do is rinse your clothes with tepid water so that most of the wine gets flushed away. Afterwards, immediately wash your clothes on a regular program in your washing machine and you should be all set.

Alternative methods
There are a couple of alternative methods that are worth trying if the regular method does not help. If you somehow are not able to treat the stain immediately, then it might help to spill a little bit of white wine over the stain. This sounds a bit weird, but white wine pulls out the color of the stain. The sugar of the white wine will remain, but the color is gone, which makes it easier to remove later on. It does not have to be white wine, you can also use beer or anything with bubbles that has no color in it.

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