How to wash waterproof clothes

If you wash a ski jacket or rain pants along with your regular clothes, they might lose their water resistant function. How do you wash waterproof clothes without damaging the water resistant function?

1. Pay attention to the label!
The most important thing to do is pay close attention to the washing label, which gives you instructions on how to wash your waterproof clothes. Along with choosing the right temperature and program settings, it is important to use special laundry detergent. There are several detergents that fortify the water resistance of your clothes. These products are often more expensive than regular detergent, but it is still cheaper than buying a new jacket or pants. If you Google ‘Tech Wash’, you will see enough results to choose from.

2. Remove soap from the washing machine
This is a very important step. Regular detergent or soap causes your waterproof clothes to lose their water resistance. On top of that, old soap can clog a bit, which prevents your clothes from breathing. This will make them less comfortable to wear due to sweating etc. Make sure to check your washing machine for left over soap from previous washes.

3. Do the laundry
Make sure to set your machine to the right temperature and do not use too much detergent. In most cases it is not allowed to use fabric softener.

4. Rinse
To make sure that no soap remains on your clothes, rinse them when the program is finished. You can skip this if you have a good washing machine, but better safe than sorry.

I have followed all your instructions, but my clothes are not waterproof anymore after washing!

No problem, there are a couple of products on the market to make your clothes waterproof again. These products create a waterproof layer on your clothes. Because it is an actual layer, a side effect is that your clothes will not be able to breathe as much as they used to before. If you Google ‘Waterproof spray” you will get enough results.

Good luck!

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