Help! My laundry smells after washing it!

Smelly laundry is the opposite of what you would expect when you grab your clothes out of the washing machine. It does however happen every now and then that your laundry comes out smelling worse than when you put it in earlier. The cause for smelly laundry is usually quite simple. In this article we answer the question: why does my laundry smell bad after washing it?

Solutions for bad smelling laundry

The following tips can help you solve the problem:

Remove the laundry from the washing machine in time
The most common cause for smelling laundry is because the laundry is not taken out of the washing machine in time. Wet clothes pilled up tend to start smelling bad when you leave them be for too long. Therefore it is important to immediately remove the clothes from the washing machine when the washing program is done.

Clean your washing machine
How does your washing machine smell? If the washing machine smells too, chances are that bacteria have settled in your washing machine. Washing machines are attractive places for bacteria to settle, because they provide a moist atmosphere for bacteria to grow in. The bacteria come in through the dirt on your clothes and tend to ‘stick around’ in your washing machine. These day’s, most people wash on low temperatures because this is Eco friendly. However, low temperatures do not kill bacteria.

The most effective solution is to use cleaning vinegar. Throw some cleaning vinegar in your empty washing machine and then run the hottest program possible on your washing machine. Do not put clothes in the washing machine during this cleaning run. The goal here is to complete clean out the washing machine and kill all the bacteria. That should do the trick. If not, click here for our article on cleaning your washing machine.

Dry your laundry outside
Where do you hang your laundry to dry? In a dusty room? No wonder that your clothes start to smell dusty as well. The best option is to hang your laundry out to dry in your garden or on your balkony. Do you not have either one of those, then hang it out to dry in front of an open window or in a well ventilated room. When it is dry, hang it in your closet immediately and do not leave it out for too long.

Wash really dirty laundry separately
Washing clothes with really dirty stains separately. A t-shirt covered in mud can ruin a complete washing program. It can also cause your filter to clog. That will cause your washing machine to smell, which will cause your laundry to start smelling. Best thing to do is to hand wash really dirty laundry before putting it in the washing machine.

Nice smelling fabric softener
Another effective way is to use a nice smelling fabric softener.

These tips should be sufficient to help you out with smelling laundry. We wish you the best of luck!

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