Smelling washing machine

A smelling washing machine is really annoying. Aside from the dirty smell spreading through your house, the worst thing is that your laundry will probably smell worse than before washing it. In this article we answer the question: how can I make my smelling washing machine smell nice again?

What can you do when your washing machine smells horrible?

You can follow the following steps in order to solve the problem:

Clean your washing machine
Clots of soap that got left behind or a clogged filter are the most common causes of a smelling washing machine. When the filter is clogged, the dirty water can not me drained from the washing machine anymore. After a while this will start to smell really badly.

The best solution against clots of soap and a clogged filter, is to first clean out the inside of the washing machine with a dishcloth or something similar to that. Also check the filter for dirt and make sure to check the area in which you put your washing detergent. There might be clots blocking the water supply. Usually a washing machine has some rubber strips to keep the water from pouring out. Dirt can also start to build up underneath those strips.

Wash empty at the maximum temperature
If the washing machine smells, chances are that bacteria have settled in your washing machine. Washing machines are attractive places for bacteria to settle, because they provide a moist atmosphere for bacteria to grow in. The bacteria come in through the dirt on your clothes and tend to ‘stick around’ in your washing machine. These day’s, most people wash on low temperatures because this is Eco friendly. However, low temperatures do not kill bacteria.

The most effective solution is to use cleaning vinegar. Throw some cleaning vinegar in your empty washing machine and then run the hottest program possible on your washing machine. Do not put clothes in the washing machine during this cleaning run. The goal here is to complete clean out the washing machine and kill all the bacteria. That should do the trick. If not, click here for our article on cleaning your washing machine.

These tips will solve your problems in 95% of the cases. You might have to wash the washing machine on the maximum temperature twice, but this should always solve the problem. We wish you the best of luck!

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